20 July 2016

Chipotle Mayo

La Sriracha ya no es nuestro condimento favorito. La fiebre este verano es la mayonesa de chipotle. Mezcla bien con todo, y especialmente con los veggie burgers de habichuelas negras. En casa la preparamos mezclando en la batidora una taza de mayonesa orgánica con 2 cucharadas de pimientos chipotle en adobo (o al gusto). También, le añadimos ¼ taza de cebolla picadita, un toque de limón y sal al gusto. ¡Anímate a prepararla!

Out of the way Sriracha!... We have a new favorite condiment for the summer: Chipotle Mayo! It's good on everything, but especially on black bean veggie burgers. To make it at home, just blend a cup of organic mayo with 2 teaspoons of chipotle peppers (adjust to taste) in adobo sauce. Add 1/4 cup of onions, a touch of lime and salt to taste. Try it this summer!

18 July 2016

Pancakes con crema de cerezas

La temporada de cerezas está en todo su apogeo. Es hora de prepararlas en batidas, ensaladas y salsas. No solo son deliciosas, sino buenas para ti. Con solo 77 calorías por taza, están llenas de potasio que ayudan a equilibrar tu presión sanguínea. Además ayudan a prevenir el cáncer, reducen la inflamación, el dolor de artritis y gracias a su contenido de melatonina, hasta te pueden ayudar a dormir mejor.

Este fin de semana, las preparamos en unos ricos pancakes con crema de cerezas usando una mezcla de pancakes divina que se llama Long Table White Knight. La mezcla se prepara localmente aquí en Chicago y tiene avena, almendra, popcorn y semillas de amapola o poppy seeds. Es perfecta para preparar estos pancakes saludables. Aquí les dejamos la receta.

Pancakes con crema de cerezas - Ingredientes (Porción para 2)
  • 1 ½ Taza de cerezas sin las semillas (Puedes usar cerezas marinadas)
  • 3 Cucharaditas de azúcar morena
  • 4 Cucharadas de queso creama
  • ¼ Taza de leche
  • 1 ½ Taza de la mezcla de Long Table White Knight
  • 1 Huevo
  • Mantequilla

Primera salsa: En la batidora, mezcla las cerezas con la mitad del azúcar y mitad del queso crema. Mantenla a un lado.

Segunda salsa: En la batidora, mezcla la otra mitad del queso crema con el azúcar restante. Incorpora la leche lentamente hasta crear una salsa cremosa y espesa.

Para los pancakes, sigue las instrucciones de tu producto favorito. En nuestro caso, mezclamos 1 ½ taza de mezcla con 1 huevo y substituimos el líquido con ¾ taza de la salsa de fresa. (Guarda el resto para echárselo por encima) Cocina tus pancakes con un poco de mantequilla. Sírvelos con ambas salsas.

Cherry Cream Pancakes

Cherry season is in full swing. Enjoy them in smoothies, salads, and sauces. They are not only delicious, but good for you too. With only 77 calories per cup, cherries are loaded with potassium that will help balance your blood pressure. They help prevent cancer, reduce inflammation, arthritis pain and its melatonin content will even help you sleep.

This weekend we prepared some delicious cherry cream pancakes using our new pancake mix: Long Table White Knight mix. It has oats, almond, popcorn and poppy seeds — locally sourced and mix right here in Chicago! Perfect to make pancakes with a healthy twist. Check out the recipe. 

Cherry Cream Pancakes – Ingredients (Serves 2)
  • 1 ½ Cups of pitted fresh cherries (Marinated cherries will work well too!)
  • 3 Teaspoon of brown sugar
  • 4 Tablespoons of cream cheese
  • ¼ Cup of milk
  • 1 ½ Cups Long Table White Knight Pancake mix (or your own favorite)
  • 1 Egg
  • Butter

Sauce 1: Blend cherries with half the sugar and half the cream cheese. Set aside.

Sauce 2: Blend half the cream cheese with the sugar. Slowly incorporate the milk until you get a soft, but still thick consistency.

For the pancakes, follow the instructions in the package of your favorite mix. We mixed 1 ½ Cups with 1 egg and substituted the liquid with a ¾ cup of the pink cherry sauce. (Save the rest of the sauce to pour on top.) Cook the pancakes with a little bit of butter. Serve with both sauces.

#Foodventures: Door County, WI

El estado de Wisconsin muchas veces pasa desapercibido. Pero cuando se trata de una escapadita económica de verano, nada como Door County, al norte de Wisconsin. Hay tanto que hacer y es precioso. Encontrarás playas, parques, bodegas de vinos locales, restaurantes y actividades divertidas para parejas y familias. Además, en verano comienza la temporada de cerezas y muchísimos establecimientos ofrecen vinos especiales, cervezas y recetas preparadas con cerezas. ¡Te va a encantar! Visita nuestra página de Youtube para ésta y otras aventuras de verano.

Wisconsin is often underrated. But when it comes to affordable summer escapes, look no further than Door County, Wisconsin. There is so much to do here and it's gorgeous!!! You'll find lots of beaches, parks, wineries, restaurants and fun activities for couples and families. Plus, in the summer, you can enjoy cherry season. Lots of venues feature special cherry wines, beers and recipes. You're going to love it! Visit our Youtube page for this and other summer #foodventures.

14 July 2016

#A25DayJourney: Paris Eats

Happy Bastille Day! Due to our recent first trip to the City of Lights, we’re particularly excited about this French celebration. This day gives us the perfect excuse to enjoy homemade tartines avec jambon de Paris, crispy pommes frites and delicious fresh toast. Sounds like a plan?

Paris was the 3rd stop of #A25DayJourney and we had so much fun eating our way through the city, trying all the classics, stopping by the local markets and figuring out how to do it all in about 48 hours! For the sake of #ThroughBackThursday, here are some of our favorite Parisian eats!

Start the day with a proper omelette. Café du Marche on Rue Cler makes a killer omelette with oozing cheese and local ham. Not only is it to die for, but the venue is located in a well-known street market. It’s a fun place to people watch as they do their morning shopping. 

Hit the deli for some veggies! Stewed, marinated, roasted. However they’re prepared, they are delicious. Get a side of beans, artichokes or sweet onions to enjoy with a warm baguette, good cheese and a glass of wine. Davoli has a great selection of veggies, as well as delicious spreads, cold cuts and cheese.

A little chilly outside? Time for lè French onion soup. Not everybody does it right. Your best bet is to ask the locals around and they will send you where you need to go. We got lucky with Café Chappe in Montmartre. While you’re there, they also make a killer chicken quiche!

Enjoy a classic boeuf bourguignon for dinner. After all the walking and food sampling, we were ready for a rustic comforting meal. Boeuf bourguignon was just it. The traditional French dish has its roots in the Burgundy region and is slowly braised in a full-bodied burgundy wine. La Boheme du Tertre, also in Montmartre, makes an excellent one.

There’s always room for macaroons! There are so many sweet options in Paris: chocolate croissants, crepes, tartins, eclairs, canelés, madeleines… The list is ridiculous. Sometimes you’re so full from your amazing meals that it’s almost impossible to try them all. But the classic macaroom is perfectly light. Before you know it, you’ve had 10! Biscuiterie de Montmartre has both classic and whimsical flavors.

Ready for more Paris? Don’t miss our cool vid!

12 July 2016

#A25DayJourney: Lisbon

Portugal wasn’t part of the original plan. Mom had been to Lisbon and Porto over 50 years ago, and wasn’t sure that it was worth the detour. I had to keep sending her ridiculously beautiful Pinterest pictures and Amalia Rodrigues songs to convince her otherwise. How could she not remember how amazing this place was? And it still is.

We made it our first stop. And of course, had to choose a cozy Airbnb in the heart of Alfama, the birthplace of fado music. A gorgeous old apartment with a breathtaking view of Lisbon’s port. After a long trip from Chicago, stopping in Dublin and Madrid, we felt like home.

The very rustic Taberna dos Clérigos was conveniently located a few steps from the apartment. Delicious, unpretentious traditional fair. Think baked cod with potatoes and veggies, lots of local cheese, pasteis de bacalhau and Portuguese beer. It was a pretty perfect start.

We made it a point to visit as many neighborhoods in Lisbon as possible: Belém, Baixa, Barrio Alto, Chiado and of course, Alfama. Each has its very unique charm. We rode the famous “Tuk-Tuks” up and down some of Lisbon’s 7 hills, and explore the different local markets. (They have so many!) We even took a train to Sintra, and it was so worth it. We tried to avoid the obvious places; we walked a lot.

In the process, we learned that if you try your hardest to enjoy Lisbon as a local, Lisbon will stay with you, almost in a cathartic way.

No better example that the one night Nabol and I got pulled into a tourist-trap kind of restaurant —English menu, huge seafood plates, lots of Portuguese decorations, expensive. Before we could order, we looked at each other and just ran! We decided to get lost in Alfama instead and look for the randomest establishment we could find. That would be Ginja D’Alfama.

What looked like a very small street corner bar, actually had the most amazing food and homemade ginja liquor. It had just a couple of tables and the typical stubborn waiter that serves you whatever he thinks you should eat and not the other way around. (The best kind!)

Feeling lucky as hell, we put aside our long list of best restaurants and bars according to Anthony Bourdain and such, and just learned to be absorbed by the whole experience.

We made friends there. We listened to fado… for free! We had rounds of complimentary booze thanks to our crazy waiter. We had the most amazing caldo verde and tasty-as-heck bifana sandwiches. We miss Lisbon so much.

Glad this was a stop. Mami agrees. Here's some footage!

Lisbon Markets

Get a taste of Belém

For more videos, visit our YouTube page and the hashtag #A25DayJourney.

Logan Square Farmers Market

El Logan Square Farmers Market ha estado abierto desde el 2005 y sigue creciendo. Es el lugar perfecto para pasar una mañana de Domingo haciendo un poco de shopping, probando nuevos ingredientes y escuchando música de grupos locales. Y está abierto hasta las 3:00 de la tarde, más tarde que muchos mercados, lo cual lo hace uno de nuestros favoritos.

The Logan Square Farmers Market has been around since 2005 and keeps on growing. It’s the perfect place to spend a Sunday morning doing a little shopping, trying new ingredients and listening to local musicians. And it’s open until 3:00pm — longer than a lot of markets, which makes it one of our favorites.